North Vancouver City Skate Park

The City of North Vancouver Skatepark involved a 2 part process.  Working with council, staff and the community as a whole, the skatepark found a home at the corner of Lonsdale and Highway #1.   By involving the community in the issues, getting early buy in for the project as a whole and by helping everyone understand that we all are the community, a truly win-win situation was created.   The second part of the process was the final design and construction of the skatepark itself.  This process involved many stakeholders, including a youth group who assisted in designing some of the elements.  One of the more exciting features for the skatepark was the water infiltration pond that is designed to handle 450 square meters of impervious surface.  What this meant in real terms is that the skatepark, almost never thought of as an environmental benefit, was in this case, going to be a significant benefit to nearby Wagg Creek.  In an effort to showcase this improvement, a wooden boardwalk was created above the marsh to make it clear that even in the construction of a skatepark, the City of North Vancouver puts the environment and the future for its citizens first.