Jack Loucks Court

The opportunity to design the Jack Loucks Court in North Vancouver came after winning a design competition in 2004. This not only included streetscape, but also a park in the middle of the block. The. concept behind the design was to create a village green with an oasis in an oasis. A high slope created many challenges within the site. It made it especially difficult to deliver the extremely desired 5% handicapped path that would connect 2nd Avenue all of the way to the Seabus at a handicapped accessible grade. The site’s proximity to Lonsdale Quay made it a very pedestrian heavy area. Therefore, the street was made to be only 2 lanes wide with many traffic calming measures throughout. The street was secondary, made to wander through the site with 3 chicanes, forcing traffic to slow. 

The widening of the sidewalks on the North Side of the street allowed for retailers to take advantage of the outdoor space in the summer months, cafes and restaurants especially. Being able to bring the parking directly in front of stores on the south side helped bring the street closer to the stores for easier accessibility.