Boal Chapel

Boal Chapel and Memorial Gardens, North Vancouver​

Connecting with nature and preserving the existing natural features is a major design goal for the Cremation Garden at Boal Chapel in North Vancouver, BC.  In 1993, the initial master plan was created by Vaughan Landscape Planning and Design, and it included a funeral home, a chapel, two small lakes and two traditional cremation walls; one made with granite shutters and the other with stainless steel covers. 

The first phase of construction began in 1994 and focused on the forest area. An organic and natural feel was kept by using meandering paths and native planting along with existing trees. Crystal Lake, the first of two water features, provided a place for commemoration and incorporated a large pond. The second phase of construction was a 750 square foot committal pavilion made of natural wood at Crystal Creek.  Diverse options and personalized products allow for greater inspiration and creativity throughout the site.