Robert Ho Research Centre

Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) is now the home to health professionals studying treatments and possible cures for patients with prostate and ovarian cancers, as well as bone and joint mobility issues.

The facility includes 3 internationally renowned research programs:

·         The Centre for Hip Health and Mobility.

·         An expanded Vancouver Prostate Centre.

·         OvCaRe, the ovarian cancer research program, which is located within the prostate centre.

Approximately 150 staff, clinicians and scientists will work at the building.  A unique aspect of the new building is that it’s joined with the Jack Bell centre, allowing staff to move seamlessly between the two buildings.  This was one of the largest challenges of the project, along with fitting the building and public open space in to the south of a majestic row of existing trees.  The landscape was designed to strengthen the way finding of the VGH master plan while creating unique and coveted places for walking, sitting and gathering adjacent the Emergency Room intake.