The Cylclotron project at the BC Cancer Agency was a particularly challenging project as we had to accommodate a number of new MRI machines and a cyclotron.  A cyclotron is a machine used to make short-lived radioactive isotopes that can be used for medical imaging or research.  A cyclotron does this by accelerating particles (such as hydrogen atoms) to very high speeds and focusing them on a target substance where a reaction takes place that produces a radioactive element.  

The only problem with the project was that there was no room to house it on the site and the only available location was an adjacent park.  With extensive work with the City of Vancouver to provide a higher quality park with more opportunity for interaction as part of the building design, the Cyclotron was made possible.  The projects is a multilevel park that not only provides many opportunities for sitting, gathering and experiencing nature, but also acts as a natural shield to the radioactivity of the cyclotron itself. 

@2018 by Vaughan Planning | Landscape Architects | Created by Taylor Vaughan