Concord Pacific Master Plan

The conceptual design of all of the parks, public open space and Seawall Walk was developed at the overall Design Panel stage. Subsequently, the site was divided into new neighbourhoods. As the co-ordinating Landscape Architect, we worked with the City and the Design Team of the Hulbert Group, Davidson Yuen Simpson Architects and Downs Archambault Architects for the first two neighbourhoods to be built, International Village (with Andy Livingstone Park) and Yaletown.


For the ‘Area Development Permit’, we co-ordinated the design of the shoreline and seawall with the City of Vancouver, the Client and the Department of Fisheries. The firm also worked PBK Engineering to provide the design for the 30’ wide Seawall Walk. This included development of a variety of edge conditions which responded to both environmental concerns and public use issues, including the incorporation of public art. Our work included obtaining Fisheries approval for the shoreline design sub-tidal and inter-tidal zones.

Concord 2